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Holland chefs show drill cut apples stunt the Internet became popular, 6 seconds peel 1 apples [2014-04-02]


According to the British " Daily Mail" reported on March 31 , when the 
restaurant to a large group of hungry diners , are anxiously waiting 
for their fruit salad when , how to finish a lot in a short cut apples 
tend to become a chef headaches . After all, it is easy to cut an apple 
, cut a bunch of apples , but will spend a lot of time . However , a 
chef in the Netherlands has no such distress. He created a drill 
Xiaoping Guo stunt , using only an electric drill and planer , you can 
easily get in a short time dozens of apples.
Recently, Holland chef Ram Sheth Te (Jasper van Ramshorst) in their 
social media accounts Facebook show Apple video cut its own, quickly on 
the Internet became popular.
In the video, Ram Sheth Te was easily a hand drill bit into the apple 
core, another hand holding a knife, drill a turn, just six or seven 
seconds to cut an apple.
This stunt, Chuan Ben electric tools of customers, some day in the 
future, will be able to find the secret.

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