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Home essential Chuanben impact drill [2015-10-20]

Chuanben Impact drill is a kind of commonly used household electric tools, mainly for concrete floors, walls, bricks, stone, 
wood and multi-layer material on the impact of drilling, but also in the wood, metal, ceramic and plastic, etc.. But the impact 
of drilling is the use of internal gear are beating to achieve impact, but the impact is far less than the hammer. It is not 
suitable for drilling of reinforced concrete.
We are specializing in the production of household use of impact drill manufacturers, Chuanben impact electric drill for 
double insulation design, safe and reliable operation, does not need the protection grounding, 1-Phase 2-pole plug can be 
used, use can not wear insulated gloves or wear insulated shoes. In order to make the operation convenient, flexible and 
powerful, Chuanben impact drill generally with auxiliary handle. Because the Chuanben impact drill by double insulation, no 
grounding protection, so we should pay special attention to the protection of rubber cables. Portable electric drill, must 
hold the handle of the drill, not drag rubber cable movement. Rubber sheathed cable can not let the wheel rolling and foot; 
prevent rat bite.

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