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Household electric tools after the upgrade, a strong return [2015-10-30]

Mubang series as a Chuanben home electric tools, a brand, mainly in the product range to promote the product, a lot of dealers are because before the sale of products too confused, and the quality of the product is uneven, not too good business. So to find Chuanben electric tools to decorate the store, so that customers feel more high-end.
However, some of the Chuanben household electric tools, in the following with our sales staff feedback, some customers like to use angle grinder to use as a slotting machine, because the more portable, but we all know that this angle wear the opportunity to wear faster than normal use, damage may be more quick. Repair rate is increased a lot, for this problem, many dealers to us said these problems, we feedback to the technical department, technology department decided to become the pastoral 
state angle grinder can be slotted angle grinder. After a period of research and experiments, the introduction of several models can be used as a slotting machine corner grinding, and the price has not changed oh.
Chuanben home electric tools after listening to the customer, it will start to act, to try to solve some of the problems of the customer. Let customers choose our products to make money is not to worry about, it is possible to make suggestions to promote the development 
of electric tools and Mubang Chuanben brand name and reputation

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