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How to choose a good electric tool factory [2015-10-08]

With the development of electric tools industry, a lot of electric tools manufacturers to build. So how to choose the customer can trust manufacturers to produce products?
First of all, how long it is to confirm the establishment of the factory. This can reflect the experience of a factory, so that customers understand the plant can trust.
Second, the size of the factory, the number of production lines, how many workers. These can reflect the size of an electric tool factory. Customers will be able to understand if the factory has the ability to produce the products they need.
Third, the factory's product quality is not good, whether to meet your needs. Only to meet customer demand for product quality and price is the most important.
Fourth, the factory's after-sales service, for the factory, because it is the export, most of the factory is no after-sales, mainly to give customers some repair parts.
Fifth, the factory's brand is famous, as well as what brand of electric tools.
Knowing more about these, you should also know how to choose a good electric tool manufacturers. Chuanben electric tools factory specializing in the production of electric tools for 21 years, has a wealth of production experience and technical team

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