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How to choose a household drill [2015-10-09]

Electric tools are widely used in electric products, which are widely used in construction, machinery, electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, transportation, agriculture and other industries. Electric tools products have entered the family. And now on the market of electric drill is multifarious, various styles of various brands make a person dazzling, let buyers do not know where to start.
How to choose suitable for their own use of the drill, let us together to discuss:
The drill can be divided into 3 categories: electric drill, impact drill, hammer drill.
1, electric drill: minimum power, use only wood boring and when using an electric screwdriver, do not have much practical value, it is recommended not to buy.
2, the impact of the drill: you can drill wood, drill and drill brick, but can not drill concrete, some of the impact on the drilling of concrete, in fact, is not feasible, but it is absolutely no problem for the drilling tile and the outer layer of the brick.
3, hammer (hammer): drill holes in any material, the most widely used.
These 3 kinds of electric price from low to high order, the function also increased, specific how to choose and need to combined with their respective applicable scope and requirements.

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