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How to choose household drill tool [2013-12-14]

Drill can be divided into three categories: hand drill , impact drill, hammer drill .

1 , hand drill : minimum power , range is limited to drilling wood and when using an electric screwdriver , does not have much practical value , is not recommended to buy.


2 , impact drill : You can drill wood, iron and diamond drilling brick , but not concrete drill , drill some impact on the description of the drilling concrete , is not feasible , but for drilling thin outer layer of tiles and bricks of cement is absolutely no problem.



3 , hammer drill ( hammer ) : You can drill holes in any material , the most widely used .



These three drill arranged from low to high prices , features also increase, specifically how to choose , you need to combine their scope and requirements .

Select drill method :

In -room ceiling , for example, made ​​of reinforced concrete ceiling , such as using percussion drill will charge a lot of strength, I have used it drill mounted on the ceiling lights , lights not installed the result was the first reported lost several charges drill ; but to use it to hit the wall would not happen , so the impact of drilling for families in everyday use , but for drilling workers , it should be preferred hammer drill .

When hit the wall , hammer drill will be more effort than the impact of drilling , the key lies in the different structure and operating principle of the two, where I will not cite to explain the jargon and terminology , M is not interested in this , I will use the most straightforward words to express the impact of drilling in the process of using people constantly applied force needed to rotate , and when using a hammer drill , just a little bit the force applied at the beginning of the drill can automatically move forward.

Hammer drill - a lot has been described above , but need a little more explanation , I personally think that home , the drill , it does not mean that brand loud , high prices , it must be better than those of a good reputation is not great , you need to looking to buy your own use , purchase considerations drill :

1 .Select electric drill size. With electric drill size increases , the price will also increase , for me personally, household electric drill size of 10mm can be generally adequate . However, according to the specific individual circumstances.

2 .drill additional function: the same model , but also has some additional features , for example, models can have R represents reversing drill , its advantage is that when the forward is not, can be converted into reverse ; models E indicates there may be speed drill , adjustable rate when no high to low speed , of course , the more features , the price will also increase. Specific choose not to choose , then personal preference .

3 .brand choice. We all know that the quality of Bosch drill (BOSCH) brand is best , in addition to DeWalt (DeWalt), Chuan Ben (ChuanBen), Metabo (METAB)

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