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How to choose their own suitable drill [2015-10-24]

1, buy a gun drill from function to consider, if you do aluminum, drilling menu.
2, to do with the impact of the installation to function, if the power supply from the use of convenient angle, you can also 
consider buying rechargeable batteries, but also the use of non-interesting and not a long time and other shortcomings, it 
depends on the specific use in any place.
3, the brand is very important, because the brand stands for quality. As Chuanben Power Tools
4. If you want to drill on the tile, never use poor quality drill, because the tile drilling, the drill chuck clamping to post good 
quality drill, drill a small beat, so on the tile when drilling, do not fight easily broken tiles, on the contrary it is easy to broken tiles.
5, for the use of objects to choose, drill iron should not exceed 10mm, 10mm or by bench than it safe.
6, if more lenient drilling wood, hit the wall impact of gun drill relatively tasteless,

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