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How to distinguish the quality of electric tools for good and bad? [2015-11-23]

Electric tools from the brand, the current market a lot of customers for Germany or Japan, a number of well-known brands 
of electric tools are very fond of. But as a Chinese, we in our own national brand electric tools behind when, also want to 
make good quality power tools.
1 look at the appearance and feel: for a tool, the first look at the product appearance clean beautiful, not a general small 
workshop production. In the hands of the time, feel better. Structure of human nature.
2 product shell: electric tools are assembled products, it is to observe whether there is a large number of cracks, there is no 
sense of the formation of the product package, whether there is a significant number of front;
3 product weight: electric tools, the quality of the electric tool is relatively light weight. But now because of a lot of people 
do, so the weight can only be considered a reference.
4 product packaging and labels: brand registration, three cards are complete.
5 product label parameters: here is the need for you to try out the machine can feel it. Now the market has a partial product 
labeling power 800W, but the actual detection is only 500W. You can feel inadequate when you use;
6 product internal structure: electric tools is important for the motor. Good electric tools used by the high temperature of 
pure copper wire motor. The tools in order to save costs, the copper clad aluminum material. In this way, the quality of 
electric tools greatly reduced. Motor internal gear, switch, copper, etc. are not high quality directly determines the life of the 
electric tool.
7 as far as possible to buy the domestic well-known brands of tools, quality assurance.
8 do not have to choose the import brand of electric tools, China's power tools, foreigners also like.

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