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how to electric tools [2017-12-19]

The first electric tool in most people's tool boxes is the electric drill. The table saw can save a lot of cutting time, some people use electric circular saw, and there are two kinds of saws. The corner mill and the sand machine are also a good helper for your work. There is engineering, electric and electric tools are also commonly used. The two most common sizes of electric drill are 10mm and 13mm, and 16mm electric drill, which is widely used. The best thing is that the 16mm's electric drill is capable of working with a blender. Any jobs in the family. The speed of the electric drill is adjustable, and it has the function of reverse rotation. It can unload the screw quickly. The electric drill can also be used with a lot of accessories. Cordless drill is becoming more and more popular now. The charging drills on the market include 7.2V, 9.6V, 12V, 14.4V, 18V and so on. Many tools are sold in the form of a toolbox. The typical toolbox consists of a electric drill, two batteries, a charger, and a portable box. Rechargeable tools are very useful, portable and easy to operate in small spaces. The angle mill is a daily electric tool that can be used to repair many families. It can be used for polishing, polishing and cutting. When it is divided into a 100mm125mm150mm180mm230mm. angle grinding machine, the first thing to notice is appearance, that is, whether it is convenient to operate, whether the switch is in front or behind, generally it is safer to choose the switch in the rear. Because the tool is working, if the switch is in the front, the safety is low. Two is the power, the choice of the product is to look at the power, whether it is suitable for your work needs. You can choose to debug and listen to the sound. Now the market can buy a large handheld sand machine, whether for individuals or professionals, these are very good grinding tools. And there are many accessories that can be used for polishing and scrubbing. The molding machine is a portable sand machine with a variety of special grinding heads that can be worn out of the irregular shape. The effect of this machine is very ideal for grinding or refurbishing furniture. Resinder is a portable tool, can complete the large workload of the grinding and shaping work. The first rule to buy electric tools is not to buy cheap tools to save money. Well constructed tools are safe and convenient to use, and their service life is much longer than cheap tools. It's true that you may have to spend more money at first, but in the long run, a good tool is to save you money. The value of a good tool is usually reflected in quality and performance, and is generally not discounted. When buying a circular saw, consider the material you have to cut and the workspace. It is also very easy to use in a small space. Now the universal circular saws are 185 millimeters (7 inches), 235 millimeters (9 inches), and 255 millimeters (10 inches). When choosing the electric circular saw, we should pay attention to whether the manufacturer is regular, and consult whether the bearings are imported or domestic famous brands, and the dustproof technology is very good. Hammer and hammer choice, also known as hammer percussion drill. Must be strong, strong and durable first. There is also a way to choose the smaller size and convenient operation. Now, there are strong cylinders, connecting rods, eccentric axes and electric shocks on the market to make the power lasting. So it's better to choose this one. The impact force is very large, the quality is stable, the safety performance is high, and some regular manufacturers are born with the design of shock absorption. And the handle is also wrapped in glue. Very good. The market also has a hammer and pickaxe, which is very convenient and easy to operate. It can also reduce the trouble of carrying in the construction.

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