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How to maintain good power tools? [2017-04-11]

Ancient people used stones as tools to build homes.Hundreds of years ago people used metal materials to make tools to produce more rare architecture.Now we have more and more advanced power tools to create many kinds of miracle architecture,like the U-s Building at New York in the future.

The power tools make our lives better, however the all of the power tools own life. The quality of the tool often have a bearing on its life. The quality relates to price. So we must know the truth,one dollar only get once tool.How to improve the power tool life?The tool like human, we need to maintain good for it.

1. Keep the work area clean

2. Don't use the tools, in the rain, much humidity or where flammable liquids and gases exists.

3. Keep The electric wire away from heat, oil and sharp objects. The wire should be replaced when it is damaged.

4. Do not exceed the tool's working-ability

5. Don't using small power of electricity when it overload works

6. Do not use this tool to work out of its functions.

7. Wear overalls and protective glasses when you are working


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