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How to use power tools to increase life [2017-08-17]

The highest speed as far as possible, must wait for the speed of the motor before use in order to reach the highest after sawing, drilling and other work, or easy to damage the motor, should as far as possible to reach the highest speed of motor in use, can avoid overload,

When the working head is in place, normal and sharp, the work head will increase the output of the motor power, and must be grinding or replaced. This will greatly reduce the power output of the power tools and reduce the failure rate

Intermittent work, don't let the motor overheating, series motor belongs to the intermittent mode, according to the heating condition of the motor, the length or the workload size adjust working time, can greatly reduce the failure rate of electric tools, electric hammer, electric products is the best is intermittent work

According to the heating condition of the electric tool, the feed amount of the head is adjusted properly, so that the output power of the electric tool can be reduced, and the failure rate of the electric tool is greatly reduced,

Maintenance, gear box, bearing should be inspected periodically, add lubricating oil, regularly check Replacement Brush, maintenance in place, can reduce unnecessary wear, reduce the tool failure rate, and can prolong the service life of electric tools

To ensure the normal voltage, electric power tools are mostly mobile use, the extension line of the long wire cross-sectional area is too small, the working voltage of electric tools is low, the output power of electric tools electric work with decreased workload reduction, often caused by overload of electric tools, or human error from two to line the working voltage is 380V, which can lead to premature or transient damage of electric tools,

Meet the conditions of use, the engineering drilling machine with waterseal, the wear should be used after the water supply is connected to a power switch, or it may be seal wear bad, engineering drill in drilling eyes, also must maintain good grasp of the size of water,

Stay idle for a few minutes before you stop working. Stay idle for a few minutes before you stop working. Allow the motor to blow off the dust inside the engine at high speeds. Check the power tools for faults

There at the fire or brush when the switch does not turn, to check and repair, timely troubleshooting before use

Before use, must be unloaded for a few minutes, listen to the operation sound is normal, appear, must be repaired immediately, can't bring trouble.

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