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If the home has a impact drill [2013-09-02]


At the beginning of this year, I set my heart to buy an impact drill, because a lot of the time home with many places need to impact drill. The kitchen and toilet need drilling and installation of small objects, no drill is simply not feasible. Because the kitchen and the toilet something rust easily broken, broken, it must be replaced with new parts. Sometimes have a little extra hook like, such as this DIY increases the bar a towel, with of course is household impact drill, the bath mirror his position, this is of course a household impact drill work. There are computer chair armrest support home is broken, I use impact drill drilling stitching up, there is a household drill, really made some bad things I make the dead come back to life.
A household impact drill is not expensive, more than 100 yuan general can handle, in addition to the other with some practical bit it. In fact, there is a household impact drill, but also with some things, let household drill to play multiple functions. For example with a screwdriver head, can use it to upper and lower screws. With a diamond bit can use it to your jade drilling tether......
Really, a lot of the wisdom of life can be found from the household electric drill.
ChuanBen impact drill, very suitable for homework
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