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Impact drill , electric drill distinction [2013-09-23]


Impact drills purposes , we now know , that there is next for me and everyone say the difference between electric drills and impact drills it.
Rotary hammer drill and impact to rely on the work . Single impact is very slight , but 40000 times per minute, the impact frequency can produce a continuous force . Impact drill for natural stone or concrete . They are versatile because they can be used both "single drill " mode , you can also use the " hammer drill " mode , so those professionals and do it yourself , it is worth choosing the basic power tools.
Impact drill is not required human pressure on metal, wood and other materials on hole diameter 6-50mm. Advantages are low vibration , high precision holes , the price is not high. Also they are not the same with the drill , the former is inlaid alloy drill, which is a common cutting drill bit. Hammer and impact drills are available in a hole on the concrete structures .
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