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Integrity in business [2014-08-01]

       Brand includes company reputation over the years of accumulated experience what is a great
intangible assets.For a brand ,Quality is enterprise's life, customer is the lifeblood of the
enterprise.Brand integrity management is more important than anything.
        In 1985, haier into the world-class refrigerator production line from Germany.A user response haier
refrigerator quality problems within a year,  after the exchange to users, haier inspectsd the all
fridge .Although not affect inventory and found that 76 refrigerator freezer refrigeration function, but
the appearance of scratches.Zhang ruimin decision smashed up in public at the time of manufacturers, and put forward the defective products are unqualified products' point of view.As the behavior of an
enterprise, haier refrigerators are not only changed the haier employee quality concept, but also won a
reputation for the enterprise.This laid the haier for so many years to the credibility of reputation.Honesty isn't only a kind of intangible assets of the 21st century, but also a enterprise can long-term business standards, used to have haier's boss Mr Zhang hit the refrigerator, now have Jobs smashed Apple, these cases are more corporate integrity.Whether individuals or companies, the principle of good faith is very important that each person or business will have to do wrong, when runs counter to the facts and honesty, we do not cover up, but open to reveal it, and correct it.For these are all need courage.
           For CHUANBEN electric tool, the good faith management as the first, because we deeply know the
importance of this, we are all very humbly accept each dealer's opinion, regular phone pays a return
visit customer, understand the problem, analyze problems, to solve the problem.We won't shirk
responsibility, as long as it is our manufacturer I problem, we will try our best to solve, this is also
our distributors to our sichuan tools for certain place.

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