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Internet cafes overnight turned into a vegetative state is to wake up CNY one hundred [2015-01-09]

August 2013 , Li Xiao , an Internet cafe in Shenzhen Pinghu war going on suddenly collapsed , after being admitted to the hospital due to severe cerebral hemorrhage , life was saved , but became a vegetable . After more than a year in a coma , the recent success of the Shenzhen People's Armed Police Hospital, Mike wakes process doctors themselves feel very surprised , " magic bullet" is actually 100 yuan .
In a coma for almost 200 days after March this year , the hospital nurses have been found unconscious at the time of inspection of Li , actually began to have a slight reaction to the outside world , such as fingers can shake slightly , then also gently grab hair. "This is a good sign , indicating the start of the outside world react ." However , although Mike was able to open eyes, but the outside world does not reflect the strong , nor consciousness.
8:00 tonight , at Mike's bedside, Ms. Zhang told reporters the South, although the count was Mike awake , but the arm of activity still is not very good , the family is often the temptation to use the money to him, and now every time he can be caught , and if there is an outsider to take away his money , he is decidedly not give.

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