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Introduction of Electric Tools [2015-12-10]

There are many electric tools, the world's electric tools have been developed to nearly 500 varieties.
Features: compact structure, easy to carry.
Than manual tools can improve labor productivity several times to several times;
Compared with pneumatic tools with high efficiency, low cost, small vibration and easy to control.
1 industrial machinery: drilling, tapping, cutting, grinding, polishing, rust, expansion pipe and screw, bolt and nut fastening etc..
2 the transformation of farmland, water conservancy construction, tunnel construction, mining, drilling, concrete tamping,
3) the railway construction, the road slag incompletely.
4) agriculture and animal husbandry, pesticide spraying, shearing.
5) picking and Forestry: logging, bucking, pruning.
6) wood processing: sawing, planing, tenoning, sanding.
7) medical treatment; sawing, drilling, and plaster cast.
8) arts and crafts: carving, carpet scissors.
9) special purpose: shear plate, punching hole (not bending deformation), angle drill in a narrow place to drill, drill can be adsorbed on the magnetic seat processing of steel work, pipe milling machine automatic cutting large diameter steel pipe, electric definite torque wrench can control the bolt to achieve constant tension can, riveter riveting workpiece etc..

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