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Jig saw related knowledge [2015-11-02]

Can woodworking Jig saw cut a marble?
Jig saw is not a marble. To use the marble tile cutting Mason manual cutting machine cut. Mainly used for cutting metals and nonferrous metals. Cutting metal, the chip processing ability is stronger. Serrated larger (6, 8 TPI), cutting wood and other wood products more efficient. Carbon steel Jig saw used to cut all kinds of wood and non metal. The saw tooth is sharpened, and it has a conical shape, which is very fast and has a stronger ability to handle the chip.
How to cut a straight line?
In order to use a Jig saw a straight line at least two points:
First, to make the blade and the plane of the Jig saw parallel to the bottom edge, which is the key to a good straight line saw. Carefully adjusted, it is best to use a reference card for adjustment, the adjustment with hex wrench saw blade locking.
Second, to blade and the curved saw bottom plate is perpendicular to the plane can be a square calibration, if not vertical, available six angle wrench to adjust the plane of the bottom plate and the blade clip
Corner, adjust the bottom of the bottom lock.
These two adjustments, basically saw line is no problem. If the material saw long, in materials and patron, G type clamp for the patron and the cutting clamp material. In the sawing process make the Jig saw the bottom edge close to the patron can be sawn straight straight.

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