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Jinhua electric tool manufacturer in September because of environmental protection is very busy [2017-10-09]

This year, the Ministry of environmental protection led by the central environmental inspection work is vigorously carried out, the intensity of unprecedented, governance effect is obvious. As a Jinhua power tool manufacturer, because the product line involved is relatively long, it is because of the shortage of raw materials that the original order can not be completed on time. Sometimes, it can only stop production and stop production

Electric tools in this industry, because the accessories variety, process, so, once the factory not prepare for standardized products, then hand order delivery will be delayed indefinitely. Everyone should know the standardization of products is the first line, the future product factory must strictly abide by the so the state environmental protection inspection, also want to take a thorough shake, however, whether the industrial pollution disease over the years can solve all of a sudden, there can be a question mark? So, the current export products, but the product structure and offer many of them also follow the structure of raw materials, so the original, for the enterprise this is not a short duration of time to analgesia can last, so it can not withstand the pressure of the enterprise will therefore die Yi. As the old electric tool manufacturers, we should keep pace with the times, make electricity Pneumatic tool industry standardization a carefree, good basic skills, the quality of the product and the brand of the road farther so, although a lot of environmental protection during the Jinhua electric tool manufacturer discontinued, but the reform of the internal product structure more enterprises. Because of this, in August the order delivery delay, but fortunately with most customers everyone said, understanding, therefore, formed in September to work overtime production operations.

Although in September because of environmental Sichuan electric tools let Ben busy, but as a veteran of the electric tool manufacturers, Sichuan Ben believe adhesion through this rest more deep and the depth of communication between the customer and the long-term development of the environmental protection. The Le Zhen pain is temporary, but the meaning is profound, Sichuan believe Ben good product quality, only to allow the brand to go further, increase between customers and brand trust. Sichuan ran to join hotline: 4006388010"

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