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Lantern Festival, Valentine's Day Chuan Ben double celebration [2014-02-14]


This year's Lantern Festival and the Western Valentine's Day , just in 
the same day. Western Valentine's Day every year are fixed February 14 
; On this day Ben power tools Sichuan double celebration ah , India 
scored on this day the customer the full amount of money, so we feel so 
happy ah.
At the same time, a Hunan Yiyang customers come to our stores today , 
he is doing all domestic trade , he personally came to our stores, 
visit our product . He saw our camera , care more about quality issues, 
as when he try out our machine , our accessories eleven monitoring of 
our products feel very good, he is coming to see his car , so in this 
study he took on his own so our products .
Finally ,  ChuanBen power tools wish you , happy Lantern Festival, 
Happy Valentine's Day .

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