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Let the world believe that "Chuan Ben tool" [2013-09-24]


Nowadays, more and more enterprise management thought, quality is the life of enterprise, quality management is the priority among priorities of enterprise management. The enterprise wants to develop, must take the road of combining quality benefit. Since this year, due to the strategic expansion, the ChuanBen Electric Tool Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chuan Ben tool") yield increased, and how to reduce the cost, and ensure the quality has become an urgent need to solve the problem.
In recent years , Sichuan Ben tools are fully aware of the product quality of survival and development of enterprises has a decisive significance in the quality management can not have the slightest slack .
First , a clear responsible person , in strict accordance with national standards, industry standards designed and manufactured products. Chuan Ben tool quality team responsible organization , developing the company's product specifications, test specifications , sampling standards and other technical documents, and regularly confirm the validity of the applicable standards , to ensure that products comply with the current , effective national standards and relevant laws and regulations ; legally obtained drill , impact drill, angle grinder , sander , sandpaper machine, stone cutting machine, hammer drill and hammer export product quality permit and ISO quality management system certification , in strict accordance with the quality system documentation manufacturing and production
Secondly, the development of quality assurance procedures and strictly implement the rules . Attention to detail in the production process , and never checked material inspection to finished the whole process of storage , Sichuan Ben tool developed incoming inspection specifications , process control inspection specifications , the process of standard industry standard book , so that workers have the basis, a standard with confidence , so that every employee quality awareness in-depth heart, the attitude has always been serious about the quality of all aspects of the work throughout .
Third, vigorously promote the advanced techniques and modern quality management methods . Establish a sound quality management system, strengthen the full, the entire process of comprehensive quality management ; strict accordance with the standards of production management, strict quality control, strict quality testing and measuring and testing ; extensive quality improvement , quality of research , quality comparison , quality risk analysis, quality cost control, quality management team and other activities ; positive application of minimization, resource recovery, recycling, reuse , remanufacturing and other green technologies , to develop low-carbon, clean, efficient production and operation mode .
Quality thriving enterprise in the construction of the road , Sichuan Ben tools undertakes : full participation , human character Paul , Build product quality and safety "firewall" so that more power tools Chuan Ben to the world, to make the world believe, " Chuan Ben " !
Let everyone know Chuan Ben , I believe Chuan Ben, Ben Chuan use .

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