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Looking for Chinese manufacturers of professional power tools [2015-09-16]

In recent years, China's electric tool industry getting better and better, but also due to the variety of electric generating plants, resulting in the quality of products has been mixed. So where to find a professional production of electric tools factories? Yongkang occupies a very important position in China's electric tool industry, power tools also Yongkang tradition hardware industry in the world is also very famous.Most of our power tools are taking exit routes, many companies this year for the current situation the EU debt crisis, weak US economic growth and so on, timely adjustment of product structure, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other emerging market economies has become the fastest growing export place .
Yongkang Power Tools is one of the eight pillar industries, more than 800 existing manufacturing and related businesses, power tools, machine 72,850,000 sets an annual output value of 11 billion yuan, the export volume of over 70 billion yuan, the total output and exports accounted for a quarter and a third of the country, it is China's largest production base of power tools and export base. The exhibition attracted more than 260 power tools and garden tools, accessories enterprises in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Sichuan, Guangdong, Fujian and other parts of the country are participating.

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