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Maintenance of circular saw [2013-12-03]


1, check the blade : Using a blunt blade will cause motor failure , reduced efficiency , so wear should be replaced with new blade was found as soon as possible .

2, check the mounting screws : Regularly inspect all mounting screws are properly bones . If you find a screw loose, tighten reinforcement immediately , otherwise it will lead to a serious accident.

3 , motor maintenance : motor winding is the heart of the power tool . Should be carefully examined for damage , whether it is wet with oil or water.

4, check the carbon brushes : brushes on the motor is a consumable, once beyond the wear of the wear limit , the motor will fail . Therefore, the wear of the carbon brushes should be immediately replaced with new parts . In addition , carbon brushes must always be kept clean state , so as to slide freely within the brush holders . Replacing carbon brushes : Use a screwdriver to remove the brush cover fonts , brushes can be easily removed.

5 , check the safety and maintenance of the role cover : Be careful to maintain security cover to keep it properly. The safety cap around the rotary portion sawdust accumulates cleanly removed , and then coated at its sliding portions spindle oil to improve its performance.

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