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Marble Cutter to buy small common sense [2015-11-25]

Marble Cutter (also known as machine of marble, marble cutting machine) is one of the electric tool products in large quantity and wide varieties, mainly used for concrete, stone and tile cutting and marking. Widely used in building, housing decoration and other fields.
As one wishes in order to buy the Marble Cutter, the general should pay attention to the following points.
First, the Marble Cutter is the mandatory certification of the National Commission for the certification of products, should be consulted on whether there is a 3C mark.
Second, according to the needs of the users, the difference between first home or professional use, because most of the electric tool is designed for professionals, so before the purchase should be difference between professional and home of shellfish. Usually professional and home tool differences in power, professional power tools, large, to facilitate professional people to reduce the workload, household tools in general due to the relatively small size of the project, the workload is relatively small, so the input power of the tools need not be huge.
Third, observe the Marble Cutter outside the packaging, the packaging should be clear pattern, no damage, open the box to observe the appearance of Marble Cutter should be no damage. With the hand holding, feel feel better, the switch handle should be smooth. The length of the cable should be not less than 2 meters.
Fourth, check the Marble Cutter and manual nameplate, nameplate parameters should be consistent with the 3C certificate. The manual shall have the detailed address and contact details of the manufacturer and the manufacturer. Batch number nameplate or qualified certificate contains product traceability.

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