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Marketing of brand marketing power tool [2013-11-15]


The so-called brand marketing is an enterprise needs through the use of consumer brand , creating brand value, and ultimately the formation of brand -effective marketing strategies and processes through the use of various marketing strategies marketing target customers to make the formation of the corporate brand and product and service awareness process .
Currently China hardware tools industry officially entered the era of brand marketing , almost all scale enterprises are beginning to brand marketing . When the service marketing has become a universal time, it is difficult to form a difference in consumers' minds , so the brand marketing has become popular .
In hardware tools industry , Ben and Stan force Chuan brand war has lasted more than ten years , and will continue. The two sides of the marketing strategy for the client hardware tools for Chinese domestic enterprises had a positive and profound impact is most influenced the understanding and use of brand marketing .
The essence of brand marketing, brand differentiation positioning seeking , break value of the product marketing , marketing, brand value raised to the height of the added value of the brand to become the customer's trust and profit growth point.

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