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Marketing , product marketing power tools [2013-11-13]


Product marketing is the initial mode , that is, the production -based, not the consumer's point of view to the design, development , manufacture products, follow the philosophy is " what is produced, to sell anything ." This mode is mainly produced in the era of planned economy and a market economy less demand for the initial period.
The early 90s of last century , China electric tools industry into a market economy stage , the rise of a large number of private enterprises , and basically survive to the post-2000 , including Sichuan Ben power tools, the main reason is just opening up the market , the market for less than the demand . As long as the production of products will be able to sell , so that enterprises need to consider differentiated customer demand , production can be profitable as long buried .
In this environment, it is impossible to be born other marketing model , therefore, product marketing, so that ruled during the marketing field , the design of the corporate sector nor the position of marketing department , production department and sales department in the development of enterprises dominate.
However, the current economic development of Chuan Ben could not have adapted to the kind of marketing model , not only produce enough profit , but also to combine product innovation with the sales staff 's ability to continuously improve the plant's strength , will get more customers of all ages.

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