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Marketing the standard of power tools [2013-11-13]


Marketing is the use of so-called standard companies in the industry involved in the role of national standard setters , as the credibility of this resource , to stop the spread . Marketing is not truly standard marketing model , but a handful of companies can use marketing tactics. As China's domestic corporate brand marketing, hardware and tools to understand and adhere to the existence of serious problems , causing the user trust in the brand began to decrease .
In addition , since many of the tools under the banner name brand companies , in terms of quality and did not meet international or international standards, making the standard becomes a scarce resource, so some have the ability to develop standard tools for enterprises began to enter the industry "standard" , Chuan Ben is one of the typical .
China hardware tools industry from the last century to today, its marketing characteristics generally experienced a five distinct stages, namely, product marketing , services marketing, brand marketing, marketing standards , solutions marketing .
The five kinds of marketing strategy has both independence , but also has mutual compatibility. Each mode has its emergence and development of a detailed economic environment. The following author from China hardware tools industry development environment , analyzing every marketing model inevitability .

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