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Miniature drill [2015-04-07]

March 21 according to news reports , the maintenance engineer Lance Abernethy New Zealand produced a miniature drill, drill a small figure looks more like a toy model , and even gives the impression that even the toys are not really. When you put this little thing pinch together , you will find that this is a genuine mini drill.It is composed of four parts , namely the electric motor , the key to open the drill and a battery , which is taken from the headphone wires . Eventually these component parts of this high- 17mm, 13mm length and width of 7.5mm mini drill.
Abernethy noted that this mini- drill casing is printed out by the 3D , the whole process took only 25 minutes , but the assembly process can be tricky, because it is easy to disconnect the wires . Of course, the feeling after the completion of this work is good .

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