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Mobile and hand-held electric tools for use in safety measures [2015-11-28]

1) portable electric tools and hand-held electric tools before electricity should be good grounding protection or zero protection.
2) mobile power tools and hand-held electric tools should be equipped with a separate power switch and protection, is strictly prohibited a switch to two and more than two sets of electric equipment.
3) the power switch of the movable electric tool should be used in the leakage protection device, the action current should be no more than 15mA, the action time is less than 0.1s, the switch should be installed in the convenient operation, and the tool distance should be no more than 5m.
4) mobile power tools, portable electric tools when the use of socket connection, the plug and socket should be no damage, no cracks, and good insulation.
5) the use of mobile power tools for suspension of work or leave the site in case of sudden power failure, power switch should be opened.
6) mobile power tools and hand-held electric tools, should be equipped with high sensitive action of leakage protection.
7) the power supply cord of the movable electric tool and a hand held power tool must be used in the copper core, a flexible cable or a polyvinyl chloride sheathed flexible cable. Cables should be avoided heat sources, and may not be dragged on the ground. When can not meet the above requirements, should be taken to prevent the heavy crushed cable and other measures.
8) mobile power tools and hand-held electric tools are required to move, not to carry the power cord or rotating part.
9) mobile power tools and hand held electric tools are used, and the power supply side will be cut off.
10) to change the electric tool drill, it is necessary to be carried out.
11) using a hand held electric tool, an insulated glove or a stand on an insulating stand should be worn.

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