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Mr. Wang become Chuan Ben Power Tools Dealer [2014-04-30]

Gansu Wang Shu on March 22 found us through the network through a simple conversation after the point, will we Chuan Ben power tools sample orders and sent him information on how to join the reference ; due to the customer price list is the need of its provide business license , Mr. Wang is very considerate of our approach is also very fit , in the case of not very familiar with computers , computer video shot before and after pictures of three very irregular to me, I felt the customer 's intentions , I will be used in good faith to his service ,to come up with the best of sincerity.

He lamented after reading your power tools so full ah varieties , cost so high , if earlier contact him , he would not in other dealer getting goods , but fortunately he took a narrow range of goods also need some goods filled ; familiar No. 23, gave me a finished product orders, but there has been little tangled on payment, deposit or advance payment guarantee is shipped , customers will sometimes not very much confidence , but as manufacturers is to give each of the local customers do business , its reputation and brand promotion is the source of survival information in a variety of manufacturers or dealers around the network platform of information to be found there.

As long as the customer perspective unique insights will know what to believe in what not to believe , and I agree with him as king boss - fighting with pay after he chose to fight money into the company account, because trust ; transaction is often the case , constant problems and constantly solve the problem, and finally to show a mutually satisfactory orders.

The 24th king boss has fully endorsed our power tools Chuan Ben , I will order form sent to him testing the two sides no objection to the company immediately after playing a deposit, king boss is a very hearty customers to cooperate with us , he also Company honored.



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