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Note the use of Electric sander machine [2015-11-04]

1.The Electric sander machine in the running of the sand wheel, grinding wheel, abrasive belt, polishing wheel, at any time may rupture and crack, the operation must wear goggles, helmet mask corresponding protective equipment
2.The machine is in operation, and never touch the belt, grinding wheel, grinding wheel, polishing wheel etc.
3.No effective protective measures, the machine can not be used
4.The Electric sander will generate a lot of dust, to wear a mask to use
5.The Electric sander equipment should be installed in a dry, ventilated place, no direct vision
6.Using the automatic sanding machine, dust removal equipment, supporting, or vulnerable to failure, damage to the device, the influence on production.
7.The belt sander has found deviation, should be adjusted.
8.The running direction of the sanding wheel accurately must confirm the locking wheel, grinding wheel grinding wheel to prevent fly out.

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