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OEM power tools manufacturer [2015-12-25]

ChuanBen  power tools both production and sales of electric power tools but also tools that can also be customized electric tools (OEM). Need to find power tools manufacturer , but want to have their own brand of dealers , quickly contact Ben Chuan power tools now.
In our dynamic tool exports accounted for 80% of world sales of power tools , but the export value accounted for only about 20% of total sales, the main reason lies in the manufacturing of power tools have not yet created their own brand in the international market, especially industrial use of professional power tools , the general licensing production (OEM), plus domestic enterprises market competition is not standardized, so that export prices getting lower and lower .
For example , in 2001 the average price for the export of power tools $ 12.72 / units, while exports of foreign-funded enterprises in a uniform price of $ 18.74 / unit , power tools entrance uniform price $ 45.94 / Taiwan. So our product technology advances , the development of industrial power tools , the creation of its own famous brand, will certainly be able to expand the market and create greater economic benefits. Domestic manufacturers now need to strive to do their own brand , so that domestic brands of power tools can play an international reputation , if the domestic OEM dealers need , you can find the chuanben power tools.
Chuanben Power Tools is a step in the effort to progress in efforts to fame in the country with the quality of play , in a step by step to the international market, if you are tempted to rush to Sichuan power tools customized it (OEM)

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