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Order & shipping & receiving——CHUANBEN POWER TOOL [2014-08-29]

        Why the customer will seek power tools manufacturer, why would the running of the power

tools sales personnel in the interpretation for the client, perhaps this is should, but the

principle is the same to order;Four electric tool company is a busy season in May, factory

orders, the delivery is carried out in accordance with the order order to;So want to quickly

received the goods customers can speed up the order oh, front how many customers do not know you

waiting for?
           Some customers will think that why I would order also did not deliver goods, so the phone

to rush one by one, the customer's problem is understandable, we not only us, all manufacturers

in the peak season will have orders shipped more difficult problems, we sichuan rush to good

reputation has minimize this degree, by all means to meet customer demand;But if you are really

in a hurry the customer waiting for the goods to sell, I can is to find a way to early to prepare

the order, in fact, if your order has been given, the manufacturer will arrange the fastest time

delivery, just before you under the same single people are waiting for the delivery, so the hope

can forgive me again, have you understand our cooperation can go further!
           Receiving customer's most thankfully is also a link, the most concerned about the good
news is that look forward to the goods finally arrived and can start the business to make

money;At the same time, customers will be also very worried about my full have played, goods is

there a problem, quantity is enough?Here, the manufacturers guarantee to you, if there is a

problem, we have perfect after-sale, replacement and maintenance can be;If there is out of stock,

we timely completion or the next time you purchase a concurrent with you;There will be no default

or would not admit that the phenomenon.Finally, in the hope that all customers can understand our

sichuan electric tools, we walk along with you.

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