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Planers’ tips [2015-01-13]

When used to pay attention to safety (with nails and other metal objects on wood , you need to be removed in 
order to use ) . Planing wood material should be depending on the length , using different posture, one hand 
pressed down into the material at the front , and the other hand to support the timber the back-end , as long 
expected future care and maintain stable wood planing surfacing guaranteed to be fully consistent with the planer 
platform , Alice can not change , otherwise it will scrape out the uneven surface after the planed smooth flip 
forward , before the hand over forward and backward movement of timberThe best is just above the pressure in the 
plane blade to prevent jitter when planing to end before hand and push forward with the timber shall not exceed 
the platform , FLAC pressure in the end of the push forward , if long- expected, with one hand hid tip someone pick 
the best one , so as to ensure smooth planing wood . hand planer generally used for roughing, and with the use of 
belt machine .

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