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Power tool industry has a bright future [2017-08-18]

In recent years, the power tool industry has achieved rapid development, but compared to foreign products, there is still a gap. Luo Baihui believes that in order to promote the further development of power tool industry, technology is very important. Power tools industry is a high-tech industry, enterprises must actively introduce relevant technologies to enhance their technical strength.

The power tool industry belongs to the advanced equipment manufacturing industry and enhances the advanced manufacturing in service. Power tools are widely used in aerospace, high-speed rail construction, shipbuilding, automobiles, and other advanced equipment manufacturing and construction, road, decoration, wood processing, metal processing and other production areas.

The global power industry, according to the technical requirements of products, application areas, can be divided into technical level, professional level and family level of the three levels. Among them, industrial power tools, mainly used for processing precision or high requirements of environmental protection in the workplace, such as aerospace, has high technical requirements, higher profits, the market characteristics of small range; DIY household level electric tool is mainly used for precision occasions is not high, continuous running time is not long, such as home decoration, decoration is simple, with low technological content, low profit. China * large power tool manufacturers to produce household level power tools products, product sales prices as the main means of competition, all in a low, disorderly competition state.

Professional power tools in the technical content, scope of application, value of products or products gross margin level, much higher than homemade products. Professional electric tool itself power, high speed, long service life of the motor, can continue to repeat the work long time, high technology content, high profit, market a wide range of industries with high threshold, high brand value.

China domestic electric tools market year for Germany's BOSCH, Japan's Hitachi and other foreign brands firmly grasp the giant. Some people pointed out that the trend in recent years, the domestic market share of foreign brands down the channel, like ChuanBen power tools.

The domestic electric tools industry in general, the production of DIY household level electric tools products enterprises accounted for the vast majority, formed a series of products of professional grade products factory is extremely rare, industry concentration is low, the lack of leading enterprises. From the development trend, the domestic brand experience of the industry reshuffle, * after the formation of a number of leading enterprises and standardized and orderly; between domestic and foreign brands, will also re allocation of market share of domestic brands continue to replace foreign brands. Internal integration industry needs, will be held to celebrate business leaders.

To improve the product structure, comprehensive service ability, power tool market situation is very good, but the problem is that the domestic electric tool structure is not perfect the domestic sales market, electric tools.The ChuanBen power tools cna offer the good electric drill,impact drill,angke grinder ,and so on

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