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Power tool industry raw material prices [2013-08-30]


Raw material prices for power tool manufacturers is not entirely devastating effects it brings positive meaning is particularly profound . Some large companies reflects the raw material prices reasonable float within a certain range , is conducive to the power tool industry capacity , industry re-integration , shuffle , is conducive to price adjustment power tools , power tool manufacturers to China out of a low threshold to enter the industry for many years , products low-cost competition, especially highly resource- wasteful cycle is not without benefits , and gradually eliminating the inferior left showing excellent speed, new products are a positive outlook .
Price competition led to "affordable ."
From the norm , the electric tools, hardware prices should moderate , raw materials, finished products, as well as the flow of cheap actually hurt the economy . Low prices, low value-added , low profits , so that enterprises do not have enough funds to maintain the sustainable development of enterprises are unable to progress , power tools, hardware industry, it is difficult to improve , resulting in numerous advantages , not eliminating the inferior .
China power tool manufacturers pay attention to innovation, increase the technology content of the products, and with the corresponding cost increase prices, the Chinese products in the international market, improve the image quality, are of great significance to go on the road of high quality. Inflation deflation era has brought to the Chinese hardware sequelae still affects the electric tools hardware industry.
Raw material prices are not short-term behavior , the raw material prices , the first is a reflection of economic laws . Due to changes in supply and demand prices at different stages show different trends. The global economic recovery , China's economy continues to grow strongly , it is a metallic root causes of rising raw material prices .

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