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Power tool manufacturer brands is not equal quality [2013-11-05]


Today, the power tool industry is more developed , such as East Side, Auburn , Otomo , dealers are generally known , the first and now , fake, the real thing is silly you could not tell .
Once the low profit era , power tools, enterprises should make full use of raw materials , reduce inventory, give full play to human efficiency and to optimize procurement and marketing chain , cost control each process are obtained profit growth opportunities. In the era of home building materials tend to profit , many brands have begun to seek new markets to survive, began to diversify the products .
Many dealers in the choice of power tools to join , they all want to be able Pong on a "big brand ." However , the "big brand" and you may not be able to wheel . If the dealer has the opportunity to have the strength and ability to select the "big brand" is good, because it can effectively reduce the intensity of product market development .
But then again, even a mature industry market can be regarded as the "big brand" so few , and a still developing industry , few real " big brand ." As a distributor we must recognize that the market opportunities are not all belong to the "big brand", some " small brands ", "new brand" in the regional market also have the chance to win . Because the big brands are also likely beyond the reach of , or the product is not characteristic , not localized , out of touch with the needs of the local market .
In the modern international community, the power tool manufacturers compete essentially competing products , the competitiveness of the product is mainly reflected in the quality . The reason why world-renowned power tool manufacturer with a strong competitive edge , a very important point , is that they always focus on quality of products is both a challenge and an opportunity for this theme, improve management, development of new technologies , which produce higher quality products . ChuanBen power tools worthy of your expectations !
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