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Power tool manufacturer in Zhejiang Development Status [2013-08-29]


   Although this power tool manufactures industry entered a recovery phase, but there is a lot of difficulties , the entire industry is facing restructuring to enhance the test , hoping for a power tool manufactures companies in the industry characteristics , research domestic and international market situation , based on how the Government will support the industry development put forward some insightful suggestions. The next five years is to achieve restructuring and development of the very critical period , to the first 10 years on the basis of industrial development through science and technology to promote the comprehensive restructuring , including the transformation of products , market transformation and industrial restructuring.
   I hope the power tool manufactures industry and government to develop a "second five " plan of convergence in the industry development plan, the enterprise itself and to do well long-term development planning, government , industry, enterprise synchronization advance planning to seek common development .
   Next round of competition in science and technology competition , to clear the technology as a new round of development of the engine , to achieve strong science and technology workers ; to recognize technological competition is the talent competition , governments and enterprises to form a linkage , while the introduction of talent do a good job training, utilization , leaving only work . Take the brand strategy as a major power tool manufactures industry restructuring strategy, to seize the international market , we can not give up the business opportunities in the domestic market , to establish , nurture and started their own brand . To make full use of " power tool manufactures base in China ," this brand , increase their value benefits.

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