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Power tool manufacturer tell u the maintenance of the Angle grinder [2015-09-15]

Power tool manufacturer tell u the maintenance of the Angle grinder,Angle grinder is often used in our daily life of electric tools, but we usually ignore the grinder maintenance, so in this remind you also need maintenance in the process of use.
1, check whether the power cord connection is firm, whether the plug is loose, switch action is flexible and reliable.
2, after long time use, check whether brush wear, timely replacement of carbon brush in case due to excessive sparking brush, formed by the poor contact or burned armature.
3, pay attention to the inlet and outlet is blocked the inspection tools, tools and remove any part of the oil and dust.
4, should be timely to add grease.
5, tool fails, the manufacturer or the specified maintenance overhaul. As a result of normal use or man-made fault splitting off tool damage repair caused by mistake, manufacturers generally will not be repaired or replaced.
6, check the Angle of grinding mark. Cannot use the Angle of the mill are: no marks, see not clear mark, can't verify, with or without shortcomings.
7, check the Angle of grinding defects. This check method has two kinds: visual inspection, with eyes to observe directly surface had Angle grinding cracks problem; Tap on a check, this is to check the main Angle of grinding, the method is a mallet beating the Angle grinders. If the Angle grinders should be no problem clear voice, if the voice of other indicates a problem.
8, the strength of the inspection Angle grinding rotary. Grinding Angle of the same kind of the same type of using rotary strength spot check, without detection Angle grinding is absolutely can't install and use.

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