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Power tools industry future technology innovation and market discipline is the key [2015-12-15]

Chinese electric tool industry in the future to achieve greater market opportunities and create a national brand, we must insist on two points: on the one hand and promoting technical innovation, improve product quality; the other hand, governments and associations to take the lead, for electrical tools market for standardized management .
Start with technological innovation, China's technology level and manufacturing power tools power there is a wide gap. In product efficiency, weight and other aspects of life and environmental protection, domestic products are also insufficient.Based on current information, we have launched a very early foreign technology, electronic technology, large capacity rechargeable battery, rapid charger, insulation, transmission structure and design ergonomics studies, and has been widely used in electric tools,While China's research in this area is lagging behind.
From the perspective of market regulation, the current level of government regulation, should carry out the crackdown on fake goods. According to the South China Morning Post reported recently, Shantou of Liu and his son found that the domestic hardware tools best-selling in Southeast Asian countries, so contact Guangdong, Henan, Zhejiang and otherplaces of the nine manufacturers for counterfeit production,Then transported in the form of smuggling, cross-border trade to foreign sales, more than two years involving over 20 million yuan.
Like selling fake goods, either in foreign or domestic, and the results will seriously hurt the feelings of consumers, lower consumer confidence in domestic brands and products. The harm is incalculable.The relevant state departments need to do long-term in-depth supervision and inspection, from the large market environment does not give shelter to counterfeit products and prevent Gresham's Law, really build and orderly market competition order.
Only from technological innovation and market discipline both start, so that these issues have been the majority of manufacturers and regulatory attention, face inadequate, accelerate innovation, and promote quality improvement, in order to create more products and international comparable to Chinese electric tools .

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