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power tools manufacturer in China [2017-04-15]

Chinese power tools manufacturer is different India Power tools manufacturer

Power tools are generally divided into power tools, pneumatic tools and tools used in internal combustion engines (gasoline / diesel) and other three categories. The main driving force of the power tool industry comes from manufacturing, construction, automotive and consumer durables. Therefore, the impact of the global and regional economic situation on these industries will be associated with the impact of the power tools market.

More and more power tools manufacturers like to choose india to become prodcution base. Becasue the China labor cost is higher than India.However, a lot of manufacturers are often intertwined with buying the land in India for long time, India has very serious bureaucracy. China's legal procedures are perfect, so the process of purchasing land is simpler than India. 

India needs to slow progress in improving roads, railways and ports.For example, when you need to visit 200 kilometers of local factories. But the bad road in India means that it takes about 4 hours.But in China,you may only cost 2 hours.The Chinese traffic is very convenient. So the Chinese triffic cost lawer than India.

There are different taxes in all parts of India, it is easy to make the high price of finished goods.This is a serious problem for power tool manufacturers in india.While China does not exist between the regional tax,so the power tools manufacturers in china can prudce higher quality and cheaper price prodcut. 

Now China's power tools industry is being challenged by the India power tool industry.In fact, the power tools manufacturer in India are copying China power tools manufacturers. The power tools manufacturer in China can provide better power tools technology to customer.

As a result, The power tools cost in china may be cheaper than the power tools in India .Since when you choose power tools manufacturer ,the first choice is China.

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