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Power tools should pay attention to the use of safety [2013-11-02]


Power tool use security should be noted:
General place an optional hand-held power tools shall be fitted with rated operating current less than 15mA, rated residual operating time of less than 0.1s leakage protection , but also must protect access to zero . Open air, humid place or operate on a metal frame , you must use high insulation handheld power tools, and installation of splash of leakage protection. Narrow spaces ( metal containers , trench , pipe , etc. ) , use an isolation transformer with a handheld electric tools ; and installation splash of leakage protection. The isolation transformer or leakage protector installed in narrow spaces outside working hours and should be supervised .
These contents are based on the actual work Chuan Ben customer problems sorted out by , for reference , any questions please timely communication , correct me.

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