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Precautions when using electric planer [2015-01-12]

1, in the range of travel used by the workers , not stand around people , allowed the head, hands in observing the 
cutting portion and rake Tau . Before stop, allowed the measurement of the workpiece or remove chips .
2 , the amount of cut and feed rate should be appropriate, should be made before planer infeed slowly close to the 
workpiece .
3 , you must first run behind the planer knife or quasi- eat feed in planing planer purports to stop the operation in 
progress , you should first withdraw from the workpiece planer .
4 , when the operating speed and stability, sliding bearing temperature should not exceed 60 ℃ Rolling rise 
should not exceed 80 ℃.
5 , make the goal planer table travel adjustment must be shut down , when the ends of the maximum stroke margin 
of not less than 0.45m.
6. Always check the tool , running a fixed situation and the various components of the machine the workpiece is 

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