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Present a tendency of increasing power tools sales drive bearing industry [2016-01-13]

Electric tools is one of the eight pillar industries of yongkang, in recent years, influenced by international economic situation is grim, electric tool industry sales at home and abroad briefly, but after a positive self-help and independent innovation, enterprises and businesses in the industry gradually recovery, get vigorous development, thus promote the rapid development of the bearing industry.
With the development of the market, users of precision bearing products, performance, life and species diversity of demand is higher and higher, are not satisfied with the requirement for general general bearing, steering of high precision, low noise, long life demand of the product. "Although the bearing industry development has increased, but compared with the world bearing industrial power, industry also there is a big gap, the main performance for high precision bearing, high technology content and high added value products proportion is low.
Nowadays, a lot of bearing enterprise reform through a series of independent innovation, make the technical level and reliability, stability of bearing industry has a certain degree of increase, and in the process of future sales, important main supporting market will still control in the hands of the enterprise; Slowing domestic demand in the international trade under the action of pulling actively, some electric tool bearing market will turn to the domestic enterprises, import bearings will be declined.
This year is bearing industry development opportunity coexist with the pressure of a year. Throughout the domestic market, the uncertainty of economic operation of the last year, for the bearing industry has brought new challenges, also has brought new opportunities. Hardware city many bearing distributors must firmly grasp the current opportunity, relying on the hardware city strong radiation of the platform, with more complete varieties, the quality of the pass, have more advantages price to preempt the market both at home and abroad, to further improve market share boutique bearing.

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