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Principle and application characteristics of laser cutting machine(ONE) [2014-12-15]

1.What is a laser cutting machine?
Is the use of laser thermal cutting principle , the laser shines on the metal surface , the metal melt or using high-temperature gasification , the high pressure gas and then the liquid molten metal blown open , become metal laser cutting machine . So what is the metal laser cutting machine works?
2.Laser machine theory
Preferred is the level of the laser beam emitted by the laser reflection mirror by 45 ° into the laser beam vertically downward , after focused by a lens , at the focal point together into a very small spot in the focal spot of the laser power density will be as high as 10 ^ 6 ~ 10 ^ 9W / cm ^ 2. At its focal point of the workpiece by the laser spot irradiation of high power density , will produce local temperature 10000 ° C above the workpiece instantaneous vaporization.Together with auxiliary cutting gas vaporized metal blown away , which will cut through the workpiece into a small hole , with the movement of CNC machine tools , linking numerous holes to be cut in the shape became . Due to the frequency of the laser cutting is very high, so each hole connection is very smooth, cut out of the product finish high.
3.Laser cutting machine is mainly applied to those areas
Applicable to all kinds of metal plates and tubes.
Applicable materials : stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel , aluminum , copper, diamonds , precious metals , etc.
Applications: sheet metal processing , metal products, gifts , metal lighting , auto parts, precision components and other industries.

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