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Professional grinders manufacturer [2015-10-21]

Professional manufacturer of electric grinder is Chuanben electric tool, electric grinder is also called internal grinding, mainly of grinding inner - circle of electric tools, fast speed, low noise, small size, grinding gear shaft, small can be grinding teeth, used for miniature them.
Die grinders real charm is that it can cope with multiple uses of abrasives on metal and non-metal materials for cutting, trimming, modeling, grinding and polishing etc. a variety of processes. 
Its main abrasive abrasive:
(1) cutting: cutting sand resin sand sheet, high speed cutting with net, emery cutting piece
(2): all kinds of special-shaped ceramic grinding, grinding sand ring, drum, wheel handle
(3): wool wheel, polishing mat, small cloth, steel wire brush, wire brush (polishing paste with various purposes)

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