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Professional Impact Drill Mod.61013——Taking you know ChuanBen electric tools [2015-06-17]

Drill Capacity                Ø13mm
N0-Load Speed           0-3100r/min
Rated Input Power       800w
Rated Voltage              110/220V
Rated Frequency        50/60Hz
( Above are the standard parameters of this product, if customized according to the different requirements of guests to make changes )
1.The electric drill with lockable metal drill chuck Use them for longer.
2.The motor used in all High temperature wire copper as well as cold-rolled silicon steel sheet , to ensure the stability and durability of the electric drill
3.With new nylon chassis shell body appearance .bright color, good permeability
4.Using the reversing toggle button and promise speed, rotation speed, and freely
5.The handle slack according to your heart .
6.With a self-locking button , suitable for more operation   
7.The handle with the secondary molding silicone technology.make control more firmly
8.Impact or drill according to your convenient.

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