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Professional Rotary hammer Mod.80226——Taking you know ChuanBen electric tools manufacturer [2015-06-19]

Taking you know the professional Rotary hammer  Mod80226 of ChuanBen electric tools manufacturer
Drill Capacity                Ø26mm
N0-Load Speed          850r/min
Rated Input Power       860w
Rated Voltage              110/220V
Rated Frequency        50/60Hz
1.The motor has a huge impact , you can hit the wall , can turn vibration on concrete bricks and stone , can also drill holes in wood, metal, plastic 
2.The motor used in all High temperature wire copper as well as cold-rolled silicon steel sheet , to ensure the stability and durability of the rotary hammer
3.Double function, can be adjusted ,If you want to hammer or drill
4.Reliable clutch device, so that the user's security is guaranteed, Safety First  
5.Accurately targeted to make the operation more efficient 
6.Effective control of spark and extend machine life 

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