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Purchase method of Die grinder [2015-12-29]

(1) pay attention to whether the regular manufacturers of brand. The regular manufacturers of products with complete "three certificates", and passed the certification of "3C", accessories complete, perfect after-sales service, worthy of trust.
(2) quality of grinders using high-quality motor and engineering plastics, and by double insulation structure, *, and a built-in interference suppressor to prevent interference of TV, radio, and radio equipment, reasonable design, feel better and more sophisticated. This is a number of small workshops and shoddy products can not be adjacent to the beautiful. Such as switch, governor, power line so that the "obscure" small places more intuitive to reflect the quality requirements of the manufacturers and the quality of the process, the quality of the product can be used for their own safety and durability on a more secure.
(3) also a more intuitive identification method is put together two or more grinders and electrified by voice identification, because most of the grinders for rpm to 30000rpm interval can speed type, quality of grinders, strong power, accelerate rapidly and powerfully, and the poor quality of the power and speed up the weak, the apparent lack of power, of less than nominal, even with the abnormal noise, such products is difficult to quality assurance, use rise also won't conveniently.
Die grinders real charm is that it can cope with multiple uses of abrasives on metal and non-metal materials for cutting, trimming, modeling, grinding and polishing etc. a variety of processes. Its main abrasive tools are:
(1) cutting: cutting sand resin sand sheet, high speed cutting with net, emery cutting piece
(2): all kinds of special-shaped ceramic grinding grinding head, sand ring, sand drum, wheel handle
(3): wool polishing wheel, mat, small cloth wheel, steel wire brush, wire brush (polishing paste with various purposes)

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