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Rotary Hammer power is the bigger the better? [2015-12-12]

Now many people in the decoration new premises will be selected DIY, but in the decoration DIY everything need to buy their own, such as a hammer.
One, Rotary Hammer power is usually much?
Different types of Hammer Rotary power are not the same, usually small Hammer Rotary power in 500W to 700W, Hammer Rotary international power in 980W, some other industrial grade Hammer Rotary power is larger, usually above 1000W, such as 1010w, 1280w, 1050W, 1600W, etc.. Regardless of the size of the Hammer Rotary power, the user can change the same standard bit. But if the hammer power selection is too small, it is easy to form the damage to the Hammer Rotary, but also is likely to be unable to operate. Usually the home if you choose 500W to 700W around the small hammer. Else, if the user in the purchase of Rotary Hammer, do not know what kind of Rotary Hammer power for themselves, can also be the need of practice to businesses for help businesses will give accurate referrals.
Two, Rotary Hammer power is better?
Rotary Hammer power is not the bigger the better, the power of Rotary Hammer power is often described as a strong power, it is the same as the driving force of the car is the same. The user in the selection of hammer not thinking power blindly, but should be based on their own practice to choose. If only the household would choose a hammer industrial power is also formed unnecessary put fine timber to petty use, waste.
Three, Rotary Hammer what brand is good?
After we know the Rotary Hammer power, we can find out the electric hammer brand, an excellent Hammer Rotary not only durable, users can also use up more comfortable in a certain extent. Now more famous brand electric hammer mainly includes BOSCH, DEWALT, MAKITA, Black&Decke, METABO, KEN and so on, is not the same brand of electric price is not the same, the same brand of different types of price difference. The user can order three before the acquisition, select the appropriate oneself go.
After the above introduction, everyone on the Rotary Hammer power and its selection is not there more awareness? As a decorative process of common things, Rotary Hammer can be said to be one of the essential products.

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