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Safely use electric drill alert to the fire [2014-08-27]

           Recently,Two workers by using electric drill in the construction process of negligence

produce spark ignition fuel warehouse operation.The two workers were taken to a detention center

of haikou city for a 10-day administrative detention on August 5.It is because the staff for

electric tool use unsafe lead to the consequences.Now,CHUAN BEN tell you some correct use of

electric drill matters needing attentions.
            First,you confirm the site to connect power and electric drill nameplate is

consistent.Second,biting and holder should be adapted, and properly installed.Third,confirming  

the drill on the state of the switch lock, or when the plug into a power outlet electric drill

will surprise turn immediately, which can cause injuries. Forth,if workplaces in far away from

the location of the power supply should be extension cable, enough capacity, should be used to

install qualified extension cable.The last,Extension cable, such as through a pedestrian

crosswalk should be elevated or measures to prevent damage of cable crushed.
            CHUANBEN POWER TOOLS helpful hints: you use power tools correctly and safely, protect

themselves and other people's life safety.

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